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Why It's Okay to Play

Recently,students were banned from playing certain games during certain hours. This wasbecause there were strong opinions that these games were not educational.

However,extensive testing have shown that these games are OK to play and do not harmthe students’ brains. Let’s see why.

Manyeducational experts say that frying your brain is not good. They say thatstudents have to take breaks between study periods for optimal performance.

TheWay of the Ninja: The so-called N Game is significantly helpful in spiritualtraining. The manual for the N Game states that “this game can be extremelyfrustrating”. By using this point, students can learn self-control duringfrustrating times. Also, challenging levels in the game can help students buildself-confidence.

LineRider: The simple game can significantly help students to understand the basiclaws of physics. The game simulates a frictionless world in which students canexperience the true characteristics of ideal mechanics.

TrackMania: The race-driving game can enable students to open their eyes to newtypes of architecture as they drive by and through interestingly-designedtracks. Also, like the N game, Track Mania can help students build self-controlduring multiplayer sessions.

Itis believed strongly that banning the students from playing these helpful gamesis not a good idea. It will not only decrease their performance, they willbecome less proficient because of the shock that they are no longer allowed toenjoy such freedom.

The Korean iPhone Fever?

The Apple iPhone has struck Korea and is now enjoying great sales rates as interest for the smartphone is positive high. Upon surveying several people, many say that the iPhone is the most wanted smartphone among the people.

However, many seem to be unaware of the drawbacks of the smartphone and its "in-the-future-you'll-see-how-dissapointing" points of this popular smartphone.


The following facts are one of the most relevant and reasonable points website "Who" has pinpointed.


-The iPhone has a slower internet speed than the commercials show. Many users claim that Youtube is "slow and crappy".

-The infamous iPod glitch is back: the battery is not removable. This means that you'll have to send it to Apple instead of quickly replacing the battery yourself.

-The option-lacking, low-resolution camera cannot take videos.